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  ford zephyr

This bedraggled 1960 Ford Zephyr was first owned by the boss of a building firm in London, who used to pick up his apprentice in it on the way to work. The apprentice loved it - this was the 1960s and it was the original British rock 'n' roll car. Then, after a few years, the boss turned up one day in a brand new Rover 2000. The apprentice hated it. He complained about the Rover so much that the boss said: "You really liked that Zephyr, eh? If you like it that much then give me £1 and it's yours." The apprentice pulled out his wallet, handed over the money and owned the car for 40 years. Time took its toll though and, with the owner unable to undertake an extensive restoration, it was sold to Spurr Classic Cars where it was stored for a decade. Spurr sold the car to a restorer this August, and a new chapter in its life begins.

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